CEO, BuildNest

Web Development


• 1-3 years of product development with experience in end-to-end development


  • A passion for development that extends beyond work
  • Ninja programmer in any one language (Java, Ruby, Python, JS, Scala, etc)
  • Solid CS fundamentals are a must. (Data structures, Algorithms, OS, Databases)
  • Experience working with a relational database system (Mysql)
  • Experience with node.js is a plus

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Research, conceptualize and develop new products and features from ground up.
  • Build high-performance, highly available & reliable platform products.
  • Maintain technology infrastructure
  • Work on incremental deliveries which are deployed every few days.
  • Participate in product design and architecture activities
  • Be ready to adapt and extend the architectural plan as new product goals and technical challenges emerge in our agile, continuous development environment

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Job Type:

Full time permanent position

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